Eureka William Carson Mansion near Eureka Townhouse Motel

William Carson Mansion

The William Carson Mansion is the most written about and photographed Victorian houses in California, and perhaps in the United States. Built in 1884 for $80,000 by lumber magnate William Carson to keep 100 of his workers employed during a slump in the timber industry, the mansion’s towers and turrets, columned porches, multiple gables and ornate gingerbread detail, as well as the amazing paint job, evoke the ideal of how a Victorian should look. The Carson Mansion is a fairy tale like structure of 18 rooms, 7 fireplaces, 3 floors and 16,000 square feet, with gables, turrets, cupolas, complex windows, porches and pillars. The second story balcony has wrought iron framework with the Masonic Order insignia (of which Carson was a member) combined with his initials, W.C.

The Carson Mansion was owned by the descendents of William Carson until 1950, when it was sold to the Ingomar Club, who own still today. As such, it is not available for public entry. The private club exists primarily to restore and maintain this incredible architectural gem. However, visitors are welcome to view the mansion and take photos from the sidewalk.

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Location: Location: 143 M St., Eureka, CA 95501 | William Carson Mansion Website | 0.3 mi from Hotel

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The Town House Motel – Historic Old Town Eureka, is located on the scenic Northern California Coast, home to the world’s tallest redwood trees and miles of stunning coastline. Conveniently located in downtown Eureka, the The Eureka Town House Motel is near historic Old Town, a National Historic District possessing some of the most spectacular Victorian architecture in the nation. The Morris Graves Museum of Art is a few blocks away from the Motel. Humbolt Redwoods State Park, home to the largest contiguous redwood forest in the nation, is 40 miles to the south.

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My first stay at anchor Beach Inn, and I was very impressed with the rooms, the location, the price and the employees. They have view rooms, but mine wasn’t one of those, so no opinions on that. But the room I had was extra clean and spacious and extremely comfortable after a day on the trails in the Redwoods. Their continental breakfast was better than most and was well attended when I went through – THAT always tells you something. GOLDENDALE, WA TRIPADVISOR GUEST
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